Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sod's Law

So, I'm writing this having had only 4 hours sleep. Why? Was I partying the night away? No. Do I have young children to keep me awake? No. Have I spent the night in a passionate embrace? Don't be ridiculous, I'm married, remember? No, I have been kept awake by Sod's law (or is it Murphy's Law?).

Just as I was drifting into oblivion at about 11.45pm, there is an almighty crash from downstairs. Why is it that sounds are intensified in the middle of the night? I thought the SAS had arrived, crashing through the patio doors! My husband of course, is on a business trip, so I wait five minutes until the terror freezing my every muscle has worn off and I stalk gingerly down the stairs. I discover that the huge picture frame hung over the dresser in the dining room decided to make a bid for freedom, launch itself at all of the china ornaments on the top of the dresser and land, ceremoniously, on the hard tiled floor in a cacophony of smashing and crashing. I manage to locate the dustpan and brush and collect the shattered pieces of handpainted biscuit jars, vases and what not, collected from numerous trips with the children to cafe ceramique, and decide that in view of the fact that I have to get up and go to work in about 5 hours, this is best left until the morning to be dealt with.

What is it with night time occurences of this kind? What, the picture couldn't fall off the wall at 7pm when I'm sitting watching the TV? Oh no, these things only take place in the dead of night when the fuck-up fairy is at her most mischevious. So, the event is right up there with the phone ringing just as you step into the bath, and getting home from the supermarket (that you have rushed to after a long day at work) to find that you have forgotten the item that you actually went in for, but now have a newly advertised brand of shampoo, two bars of chocolate (well one is NEVER enough), a novel you don't have time to read and several items that you already have in the cupboard but bought them 'just in case'.

So, here's to Murphy. Next person who sees him would you give him a slap from me!

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