Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A helping Hand for Menfolk

I thought it would only to be fair to give the husbands/boyfriends a helping hand this Christmas and demystify some of the urban myths when it comes to buying a Christmas gift for a wife or girlfriend. So, in the true spirit of the season, here are a few helpful hints.

1. Lingerie, for which YOU will receive the benefit, is not a Christmas present
2. Never, never, ask your mother to advise on a Christmas present for your wife/girlfriend
3.  For your own personal safety, never buy household equipment as a gift (especially knives if you were thinking of fathering any children)
4. Gift vouchers, chocolates and perfume say 'I couldn't be bothered to think of anything else' so don't go there
5. A woman likes to choose her own clothes (remember at all times, that your taste in clothes is flawed and your opinion, uncalled for)
6. DVDs of action films that YOU want to watch are not Christmas presents
7. Weekends away which include a round of golf, tickets to the local football match or an exotic holiday that just happens to coincide with the location of the World Cup, are not suitable.
8.No, your wife/girlfriend does not want a copy of the Kama Sutra (because this suggests that either she, or indeed you, need instructions)
9.Don't listen to the three wise men: Gold is Ok so long as it is accompanied by number 10: Frankinsence is perfume (see 4 above) and Myrr is used in mouth wash (nice!)
10. And one final hint: they don't say DIAMONDS are a girl's best friend for nothing!

Merry Christmas!

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