Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Life's Equations

When I got in from work yesterday my daughter asked me to help her with her maths homework. It was algebra. Now, I love algebra but it's been a while since I took GCSE Maths, so all I can say is thank the Lord for Google (oh and the BBC website Bitesize). so, we got there in the end.

But the whole equation maths thing got me thinking about how you can write equations for pretty much anything. I have been feeling really tired lately: lay-your-head-down-on-your-desk-and-fall-instantly-asleep tired. But I am not sure what the cause is. It could be the MS (but unlikely in view of the recent MRI scan), it could be PMT, it could be working full time, it could be that I still haven't recovered from getting shitfaced at the girls night out last week, or it could just be that I am getting old. How do I know? Well, let's write an equation. This is how tired I am feeling:

 n - ( x + y)  = t

N being no of hours sleep I've had
x being the effects of working full time
y being the effects of getting old.
t being tiredness

Ok, so in mitigation of said equation we have vitamins, medication and of course alcohol. So, the equation can be revised thus:

n - ( x + y)       
      (v + m )    + a   = t

So, where does it leave us? Well, the answer to the equation is that my husband might not be getting any entertainment this evening as n needs to be kept as high as possible except of course where a is involved. Now, where did I put the corkscrew?

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