Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cyber-holics Anonymous

It starts with something fairly innocuous like an ipod. Then you get a mobile phone, nothing flash, just a cheap one. 'I'm only going to have it for emergencies' you tell yourself. But you can't help yourself, you think 'Ok, maybe I'll just send one or two texts'. This gambols and before you know it, you're a '100 texts' a day man. Then it starts to get really serious and you are dreaming about phones that have access to emails and the internet and before you know it, you're out, trying to score an iphone 3 or an iphone 4! The world offers you no help for your addiction, the world is indifferent to you. And, to add insult to injury there's now the ipad to dream about.

Sound familiar? My better half (a confirmed addict) has had a new phone - an iphone 4, and suddenly he's a little boy at Christmas with a new toy. He's uploading and downloading, transferring and connecting. One of the characteristics of these addicts is, of course, their need to discuss the technology; it's like a catharsis. You can imagine how long a meeting of cyberholics anonymous lasts can't you? So, whilst I find the cyberworld infintessimally interesting, I have had my fill of 'look it can do this' for this week.  So I'm forming a support group for cyber-widows. Nothing too heavy, just a few friends getting together to offer support for the loneliness and the constant need to say 'really, show me how that works then' in an enthusisatic and interested way. You can contact us at our website www .put-the-fecking-phone-away. com

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