Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Joy of new Hobbies

So, the latest investment is represented by a 5 foot marine fish tank. Now, as hobbies go, fish keeping is relatively low maintenance. Or so I thought.

My esteemed husband has spent the last week regailing me with the facts, figures and details of this fascinating hobby and has spent some considerable time tatting and messing, filling and refilling the tank. The thing with marine fish is that, unlike the tropical fish we have kept in the past, they require the water to be salinated. A simple task one might think. Hmm. Apparently not.

So, this evening we have puzzled over maths equations reminiscent of GCSE exams, to work out how much salt is too much. Is it 34g per litre or 25g?  If we have added 39g per litre how do we know, and what do we do about it? We argue of course, that's what we do. And then we empty our calculated amount of water out of the tank and refill it with freshwater. And then, we do the calculation again and remove a couple of litres more for good measure. And then we argue and I open a bottle of wine. Things always look better when there is a bottle of wine open.

So, I think we've got it covered. Covered in salt anyway. Goodness knows what will happen when we actually put some fish in the darned thing. Watch this space!

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