Sunday, 24 April 2011

Helpful advice from Dr Neurology

Ok, so I emailed the neurologist about discontinuing the steroids in view of the 'speed' effect'. This is my email to him today, responding to his comments:

Dear Dr Neurology,

I thank you for your interesting and informative email, requesting that I continue with the steroid treatment and offering some suggestions on making the most of the 'speed effect'. I respond to your comments as follows:
  • Firstly, your suggestion that I should overcome my lack of sleep by providing 'stimulating noctural activities' for my husband is duly noted.
  • On a similar note, taking advantage of the fact that I have no sense of taste by engaging in additional bedroom activities, those which are usually described in Latin terms, is also noted. As is your comment that if my husband does not wish to partake, you will.
  • Whilst I find neurological disorders absolutely fascinating, I must decline your offer of carrying out research for you, reading large numbers of journals and taking notes, in order to satisfy my current intellectual curiosity.
  • Finally, I take on board your comment that a feeling of euphoria whilst married is untypical and I should cherish it. 
I am certainly looking forward to our next meeting. Being unwell has never been so much fun.

Ok, so maybe not, but I am sure my husband would delight in my neurologist giving me this kind of advice!

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